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With your host
Terry Herd
Sundays 9am est
Fridays at Noon est
Right here on The Bluegrass Mix!!


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With host
Cindy Baucom
Cindy Baucom
Wednesdays 10pm to Mid est
And Saturdays Noon to 2pm est

Also on The Mix!

The Sutton Ole Time Music Hour
with host Sam Stout

Tuesdays at 2pm est

The Bluegrass Gospel Hour
with host John Sentell

Sundays 8am to 9am est


Welcome to the Bluegrass Mix Hosts Page

We currently have 20 Volunteer hosts that produce shows here.
Currently over 60 Hours of hosted programming!

Click on DJ's photo for a complete bio
(some bios are not complete yet)

along with 3 nationally syndicated shows including
Terry Herd - Cindy Baucom - John Sentell


Roger Randolph

Roger Randolph
Co-Founder / Manager
Chief Bottle Washer
Webmaster, Paymaster|

Email Roger

Julie Raye

Julie Raye
Co-Founder - Host of..
The Bluegrass Way
Thur 6pm to 9pm

Email Julie

Mike Hartman

Mike Hartman
Host of...
National Crossroads
Mon 8pm to 10pm
Wed 8pm to 10pm

Email Mike      

Garr Norick
Host of...
Meadowlark Jamboree
Thur 9pm-Midnight

Email Garr

Joe Stutzman

Joe Stutzman
(Wisconsin Joe)
Host of...
Heartland Bluegrass
Wed 10am-Noon

Email Joe

Ralph Papile

Ralph Papile
Host of Bluegrass Odyssey
Tue 10pm Mid

Email Ralph  


Gordon Steeves


Gordon Steeves
Host Of...
Alberta Bluegrass Bound
Sat 9pm to 1am

Email Gordon


Jos van der Lelie
Host of...
All Around Bluegrass
Sun 3pm to 5 pm
Masters Garden
Sun 5pm to 6pm

Email Jos  


Jay Barber

Host of...
Back Porch Memories
Thur Noon to 3pm
Mon 10pm to 1am

Email Jay


Steve Martin
Host of...
Unreal Bluegrass
Sat 2pm to 5pm

Email Steve


Uncle Billy Dunbar
Host of...
Country Unplugged
Sun Noon to 3pm
Mon 10 to Noon

Email Uncle Billy

Stu Vincent

Host of...
Bluegrass from Yonder
Wed 2pm to 5pm

Email Stu



Ron Cornett
Host of...
Bluegrass From the Country Store
Mon 8am to 10am
Wed 5pm to 7pm
Sat 8am to 10am

Email Ron


Ronnie Norton

Host of...
Lonesome Highway
Tues 6pm to 8pm

Email Ronnie



Jeff DeFord
Host of...
Down To the Roots
Tues 8pm to 10pm

Email Jeff

Jay Armsworthy

Host of...
Bluegrass On The Bay
Mon 6pm to 8pm

Email Jay



Carl Towns
Host of...
The Bluegrass Wrap
Sun 10pm to Midnight
Drive Time
Tues 3pm to 6pm

Email Carl


Hans Wolters

Host of...
The Tradition
Mon Noon to 2pm

Email Hans




Dan & Deanna

Host of...
Bluegrass Alley
Thurs 5pm to 6pm

Email Dan & DeAnna


Mike Grimes
Host of...
Gospel Express
Sat 10am to Noon

Email Mike


Jean Johnson



In Memory Of

Jean Johnson
Host Of...
Bluegrass Gospel Train
Bluegrass Lane




Our Live hosts are all volunteers.
They donate their time and effort for your enjoyment
While they have a scheduled time and day for their shows there will be times when they may not be on the air due to family, work, travel,  ect.

Please check our Facebook page for some of these changes.



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